The Longer Drive


We have had so much fun over the past few days, and we have been so happy to spend our time in Las Vegas and good old California! All good things do, however, come to an end. We’ve went riding around on scooters, built a patio in under 2 hours, and had a lot of fun watching great classic movies such as Warcraft, Avengers, and Indiana Jones #2. Before we left today, however, we were able to take one last look around the neighborhood on our scooters. We explored an unexplored area in a long drainage ditch, and we used it as a half pipe and rode around and did tricks. We practiced our Bo-Staffs and Weapon forms along with our NunChucks. We hurt ourselves just a little, which is supposed to happen when you use wooden weapons. Our dad went to run an errand, and when he was back we jumped into the car. This will be the last time we see California for a possible year, or just 2 months, so we were glad we made it count. We were also getting ready for an even LONGER ride back than before.

I’m making a book!

I have been writing a book that I will hopefully publish in a while, but for now I will only show a sneak peek. So far I have been working on this for somewhere around 4 or 5 months, so I am quite far through. I do not spend very much time on it each day, but I do put a lot of effort in. Enjoy!

                                               CHAPTER 1                                  

           To protect the names of those who were less fortunate, or more accurately, more unfortunate than I was, I will not go into extreme detail and not what happened that night. I will say, however, that something terrible did happen that night. They targeted us directly, the ones that knew, so I am putting you in danger by simply telling you. If anyone asks, you have never, ever read this book, you have no idea what Xxane Corp Industries is, and you were nowhere near the incident. 

          Anyway, now that we have that out of the way, I guess I’ll have to tell you about what happened that night, now that you seem way more interested than you should be. My name is Jack Tanner, and I was at a school dance with my friend Ashton Scott at my middle school in Oklahoma. Well, we weren’t quite at the dance, really, we were in the computer lab screwing around with the coding in different programs. 

          We stumbled across a random website, I have no idea how we found it by the way, and we entered our names in. We always thought that it was hilarious when google and other different websites tried to figure out who we were. At this one website, however, I put in my name, my friend watching closely, and it took us to a new page. This one was called ‘Xxane Corp Industries’. My friend and I read through part of it, not understanding what it meant. What I did understand of this writing, was that it was part of another country. I had figured out that by the time that the computer shut down, that by the drawings, it was somehow part of their military program from the sketches of missiles and odd-looking vehicles I had never seen before

We made it!

Here we are in California! It was a long 5 hour trip, a whole hour longer than expected since the traffic was so bad. We ate dinner last night and it was some delicious and warm meatball and spaghetti mix. Anyway, last night we watched some TV while my dad played cards. We saw raiders of the lost ark, and Aidan didn’t remember it. I did, since we all saw it together as a family in our old house. I love that movie, even though it is very old… almost 30 years old. The acting is so well done, and I think all together Indiana made the movie great because, after all, it IS a classic, isn’t it? After the movie ended, we went to bed and I slept on our couch. I know, what was our couch doing in California? Well, we were going to California to give our couch to our grandma, and it was also her birthday. We had to move, so instead of selling the once red now dark red couch (that is ALSO as old as I am), we gave it to our grandma, who needed another couch in her new house. Altogether, we all had a lot of fun, and Aidan and I were both VERY glad that we hadn’t eaten all of the jerky in the car ride. Well, that was mostly beacause of me… like I said, Aidan could not stop eating… so I threw the bag all the way to the very back of the car. Whoops.

Blog update #1


Just so everyone knows, the trip I am going to take will be taking place on the first of June. Before then, we will be getting ready or going through the last (45) days of school after break. The days are counting down as we are getting ready to move out of our house, and also go on a trip that I know is very very unique for most Americans. Thank you for reading my heads up I created!

The Long Drive

The drive was long, but we finally got there. We had some AMAZING jerky from the Alien Jerky store of Nevada! The whole store was dedicated to conspiracy theories about aliens. Interestingly, the store had very expensive antique toys and added to the fun of buying the jerky at such an interesting place. It was very cool, because everything outside was made of clay, all of it probably hand crafted. The store wasn’t finished, but we were so glad that didn’t stop it from being open…. YUM!

Checking out


Crowded street to hotel

We checked out of hotel so we could get on the road just about 2 or 3 hours later. We took showers and got ready to go get into the car to start our second part of the trip. Vegas is a cool place, and our friends had not changed very much– still awesome! The  YouTube video we made together is finished and ready to post, and now we’re ready to leave. The music was so extremely loud last night, we had to find a whole different room at the LINQ! The hotel room we were at was so great of quality, and the view from floor 15 is however amazing. We left to go to Taco Bell and had burritos with eggs and cheese and also some fries on the side. It was a very good start to the long trip to California. The traffic, however, was TERRIBLE, so the trip took a lot longer than expected.

Getting Ready

We are getting ready to move, as  well as very EXCITED to move, and our furniture is getting sold beneath us! We are getting the camper ready and planning our trip. Currently, our trip is all planed accept the East Coast! Very excited to start blogging about me and my families new start on the trip. Stuff is going into storage units right now, and we are ready to go to Vegas to see some old friends from CampLand On The Bay in California, so that we can maximize our spring break. We’ve got to go back to school next Monday!