A Shooting in Jackson

Today was the first day of the trip that we did not spend living in our lovely camper! The morning was very busy but exciting as well. My dad went to take the truck to the mechanic to see in anything was wrong it (we found out later that something was actually wrong with it). Before leaving, however, we needed to move the trailer because the truck would be gone and we would not be able to do it later. I sighed because I knew I was going to need to get up and help get the trailer ready to move, but they told me I could just go and sit in the front of the trailer. Before I knew it, we were moving. I don’t even know if that is fully legal because it wasn’t built to have passengers, but it doesn’t really matter because I got to sleep longer and the trailer wasn’t moved far.

For another hour or two I relaxed and read my favorite book while I layer down and rested. There was a new Truck next to our camper and I didn’t know that it was ours until I got up and walked out side. It started hailing pretty hard, some of the white stones actually hurt a bit. We loaded the car, and that was the last time we would see it for the rest of the day. The drive to Jackson Hole (Wyoming, of course) was amazing, as usual on most all of our deives that we have been on. When we got to the quaint little town of about 20,000 population (well, quaint compared to what I actually thought it was before we got there) some of the buildings were very interesting, such as the many art building spread all around the town that took up half of it.

After that we went back to the hotel room that we had rented for the night earlier that day. For a short while our parents relaxed while my brother and I watched TV and read our books more. After that we went outside again to walk around. We gathered around where a lot of other people were standing, and we saw some people inside with guns. A weastern shootout! Wait. Those guns were real? One of them aimed the gun at the other and the other man grabbed somebody else held them down. The rest of the gang came out onto the street with other guns and knives. Then the guns started firing. They were SO loud!

The guns only had blanks in them, but what a wonderful act they put on! Everybody was amused and applauded when when it was over, most of them offered some money into the hats. What an amazing street performance! After that we bought pizza and walked around. At one store in particular, we saw a real a real Triceratops skull which was huge. But it was worth its weight in gold… 300 Thousand Dollars! Everything there was so expensive, so we went home and went to bed once we were done looking and went to sleep.

Grand Tetons, Wyoming

No more lazy mornings. I got up early so that I could get there before it rains and be able to hike more. The drive there was not very long, only about 25 minutes or so. In the middle of the drive we arrived at Jackson Hole, the place that we would be going tomorrow to stay the day. There were a lot of amazing sights, as usual while driving, but is time it was a very scenic view from the mountains. When we got to rangers station they asked for our park pass, and we gave it to them. They thanked us and we drove to the actual park. On the side of the road there were rivers that we went over and some of them were almost flooding…. not a very good sign.

When we were near the parks enterence, we pulled over because the road was blocked up. Everybody had parked suddenly and wandered to the side of the road to look at something in the distance. We walked over and we saw what they were looking at: there was a huge view of the Grand Tetons that we were going to hike! Wait, no, that wasn’t it. There was splashing in the distance. Wait, there was a furry adult moose drinking the georgous stream water with its baby! We watched the moose for a while and took a lot of pictures of it, most of the, which were  on our Cannon 200 camera that can not download pictures to anything but s computer (which we don’t currently have)…

We drove further down the river until we got to our destination. We saw a sight that you could have sold for millions. The Tetons were reflecting down on the river below near us, showing a beautifully clear image of two mountainsides. After more driving we were finally there! We went inside the visitor center, and it was magnificent. There were large glass windows showing the scenic view complete with bathrooms, a gift shop, a guide center, and a hipuge dining- room style of a map in the middle of it (and even better yet, it also happend to be 3D)! We walked around the building on the concrete so we could see the odd art that was presented on the side of the building. There were recycled bottles and cans turned into “water” that the “fish” were swimming in!

We later got back in the car when we were done looking around, and drove to the Tetons itself. On the way there, however, it started to rain. And rain. And rain until we couldn’t go any further. I was entertained with my soduko, so I was perfectly fine when we pulled over to stop getting hit by the intense rain. Our car was still being hit somewhat hard by the rain, but at least we weren’t driving now. For an hour we just waited and ate lunch and I did my Soduko. It was actually pretty fun, despite the fact that we didn’t actually get to hike the grand Tetons after all, but hey, we were in Wyoming now! After a week in Idaho we had finally moved to the Next state! We drove back to the local cabin while it was still drizzling and drank hot coco while we set near a warm fire outside.

By that time we went home, and there were no complications on the way back. I started this new show called LOST and it was very entertaining. We wanted more, but we were also tired so we went to bed instead. What an interesting day!

Sunshine Blogging Award *Part 2*


As most of you know, I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogging Award, and my part 1 of my assigned questions was posted yesterday along with my daily blog post for the day (https://crosscountrylifeblog.com/2017/06/28/sunshine-blogger-award/). Now, its time for the remaining questions!


Tricky question, there are so many cool superpowers you could get. Mine would probably be Immortality though, because it could potentially lead to getting all of the other superpowers. With the modern world getting so much more advanced every year (99.12% of human knowledge was gained in the last decade of 10,000 years) than I could find ways through continuous research (without food water or sleep, may I add) and find a way to get the others. I could also “fly” off of buildings without getting hurt, if you know what I mean.


I completely know the answer to this one. March 13th was the day that my blog was officially born. Why had I created it? Well, this huge adventure of course! I am inspired every day to post and share my adventure for myself and my readers. I feel that I have become a relatively successful blog owner, and I have gotten a lot of people I have constantly supporting my blog. For this, some of my inspiration is generated daily and my urge to take care of my blog grows stronger for every positive comment left on my blog and for every time that someone that has recently seen my blog actually comes back. For those reasons are why I truly keep posting.


Spending a lot of time thinking about this, I would over everything else bring my imaginary Mini Fridge, My Chromebook, My Ipad, A really good book, and a whittling knife. I don’t quite know if I answered this question correctly, as I thought of the question as more of a “what are your 5 favorite things” instead of a “food water and survival nicesities”, but I think that this is what was asked.


Here I go again back to another Middle School reference. I have had a lot of happy moments but some of them that would be the same level of excitement may bore you guys, so I’m sticking to this Idea that I thought of when first reading the question: Anyway, some of my friends weren’t making the best, well, choices, and the teacher found out. I know they had done it, but I decided to stand up and pretend that I had done it. Next, I don’t even know what happened. One of my friends stood up. Then one more. And then the others. They said that it wasn’t me that had done it, and they all were up standing up (paying tribute {Hunger Games Reference}) and afterwards they all thanked me. I guess THAT was probably one of my happiest moments.


There are quite a few genera’s of music that I listen to, mainly on Pandora in the car, but the one I most listen to is most likely Rap Rock (one example- Twenty One Pilots’ STRESSED OUT) because it is fast paced and all of the music has an unpredictable twist while keeping the same rhythm.


My biggest secret (that isn’t extremely personal) is that I was actually rejected the first time I asked a girl to a dance. That is actually not true, that was the second time. Anyway, there’s MY secret, hope that’s enough to qualify!

And now for the time to mention my new NOMINEES to answer these questions!

Hussian Allam


Anne Louree

Mr. Mel

Laina Eartharcher

Rose Hunter

And now, here are MY questions for YOU guys!

  1. What is the best vacation you have been on?
  2. Have you ever experienced a natural disaster?
  3. What is the most hilarious thing that has happened to you?
  4. Have you ever been robbed (can be online or real life)?
  5. What would you do if you saw a Lion in your house?
  6. What is a (or the) habit that you need to break?
  7. Who is the Smartest person you know?
  8. Who is the Funniest person you know?
  9. If you could start a world- famous company what would you what would you sell?
  10. What is the funniest fail of a lie anyone has attempted on you?
  11. Would you rather never be able to say anything or need to say everything you think?

I really hoped you guys liked my last two posts, and another great thanks to Rose Hunter for nominating me for this. For the few people that read my post all the way to the end, thank you so much. If you guys would like to ask questions for me to answer, consider nominating me for another Blogger award and I will gladly answer them (If they are, of course, appropriate please).

Hiking in the Snow

Today is the day that we got back on track. For the past 3 days we had mostly relaxed at home, but it was time for another adventurous hike now. My day began nice and (way too) early when I was woken up at 7:30. We started to leave almost right away after getting dressed into our hiking clothes.

The ride there was about an hour, and as you can see from my thumbnail that the nature everywhere was BEAUTIFUL. It made the time go by so much quicker! It wasn’t long until we got got passed the trees that were leaning over to welcome our car to the point where the jagged cliffs around were pushing towards us. Once we got to the trailhead and parked our car, we got out to start our short journey of the day. After a little while of walking around puddles that were glimmering flakes of yellow its magnificent reflection, we saw the colorful bugs that were gleefully washing in it and realized we had forgot the bug spray. After a trip back to get it, we were back on the path. The trees were obviously happy that we were here, because they bent across our pathway to protect us as we went along.

For a long time of walking around and over large rocks and peeking through the windows that the surrounding nature had given us. After a little while, I saw some snow all across our path! How could that be? It was the middle of June, the middle of summer! I walked up the side of the steep slope of fresh snow that was now melting and then… FLOP! I fell and face-planted into the snow. I was a little wet, but it felt nice! I used the snow as my surfboard and glided across it with my shoes until I got to the bottom. Coming up the steep slope I fell a lot more, and occasionally on the way down as well. With some careful examining of rocks and Pine trees scattered, we realized it was an avalanch that had happened a few months ago!

The weather forecast had warned us that it would rain later today, and the clouds in the air showed us that that was definitely going to happen. We jogged across the trail as fast as we could instead of the walk we had taken to get there. by the time we reached the car, the clouds were RIGHT above us, and right as we left, it tried to drown us with extreme levels of water pounding all over the poor car that we were in! Then it decided to throw ice at us. A lot of it. We got out OK, and went home. Before that we went through a small town, looked around, and THEN went home because we had no money.

What an interesting day. It may not be like the adventures we had went on with the white water rafting or the elk attack, but it was a cool experience to have! I know this post was a little bit rushed, I am very sorry that I may not have sounded like myself today, but I needed to do a very quick summery of my day today for everyone before I went to sleep. I was SO tired and wanted to go to bed immediately! I hope you all enjoyed anyway,

Over and Out


Sunshine Blogging Award

Today I am responding to the Sunshine Blogger award Nomination I was given. Before I begin, I would LOVE to give a shout-out to the one who nominated me in the first place! The kind blogger that nominated me was https://travellinggirl21blog.wordpress.com/ . I think you should really check out here blog, she has so many cool things to say and write about! Anyway, for the questions she has assigned me:


I think that my biggest regret in life would probably be the time I ditched my good friend Asher when we got in trouble. I wish I stayed, even though it wasn’t our fault, because he stopped talking to me for a little while after that.


I think that has impacted me most was one that was given to me by one of my middle school teachers; Our Mathematical Universe. I feel this one impacted me by showing me how hard some people try to gain knowledge, and what that has brought them.


I think the person I would like to talk to is my uncle, who passed away a few days after I saw him last. I did not know him very well, but I still do miss him anyway so I would like to talk with him for a while one more time.


Sorry for all of you cat people out there, but I don’t really like cats that much. I have mild allergies with them, and they don’t really do as much as dogs (definitely an opinion guys! Don’t hate mail me please!) I love dogs and have had  around 6 of them in my lifetime (this may be out of the question, this is not included in my answer, but I do also love parakeets as well)


I’m not going to get into big detail, but the one thing that I would say was “do not meet Mia…. PLEASE!” (this is a question that I would not really like to get into detail with in the comments please! I’m mainly talking to YOU Benson!)

Well, that’s all the time that I have for now, I don’t want you guys to need to read so much just today, I will continue my Part 2 of Sunshine blogger awards tomorrow! After all, I do still have my daily post to write as well!! Thank you so much Rose, I enjoyed this opportunity to blog a little in this type of style!

Over and Out,


Victor, Idaho

I may have white water raft down a water fall, or been charged by an elk like on the adventures of other days this week, but I got an amazing chance to wake up to golden light streaming in gorgeous flakes through my window to calmly wake me up and start my day! Getting up I wanted to start my new book, but I didn’t end up doing it until later. I probably slept until 8:00 AM, a fairly decent time to wake up.

Today’s objective was not an adventure like the past days of the trip. So far on my journeys, I have had a different adventure every day including becoming a Billionaire, getting charged at by an adult elk, and losing a go-pro while speeding down a waterfall in a raft, to name a few. Today was going to be not a chill day in the beginning, but partially throughout the entire day (therefore my blog today will not be as long as my other 7+ paragraph stories/summaries that I normally do post). Anyway, I relaxed for a while until about 10:30 when I helped get our lovely small (but 6-months temporary) home back onto the road.It took a short while but we were up and ready to go faster than last time.

Now it was time to get on the road! The last thing I did before we were leaving for our next destination was change out $2.00 in bills to 8 quarters just so I could put it into my quarter jar (quarters are my most used coins, they are good for pretty much anything under a dollar). Then we left. The amazing view to northern Idaho was possibly even more spectacular than the one a few days ago from Salt Lake Utah to Snake River Idaho! As in the picture I had selected as the best one taken, there was one area filled with millions of flowers all across for miles in perfect formation across the horizon.

I called my good friend for the first time in a while that I had been sending my post cards to since the beginning of the trip. I talked to him for a long time while we were setting up the camper temporarily to eat a short 20 minute breakfast at around 12:00. Once we were finished I hung up, set, and got back on the road to finish the drive. We went through a large canyon with trees that were EVERYWHERE. Once we got there it took us only a few minutes to set up and get comfertable. I settled down with a good book for a while and that’s what I did until I went on a short bike ride. There were birds and more flowers everywhere, and the population was probably only less than a outstanding. If it weren’t so hot I would have buoyed it more, but I still loved it anyway. After that, we drove to the diner to meet with my mother’s old friend from work. My mom used to be the Vice principal at the Middle school that I went to a little while ago (We burned our old uniforms in the fire yesterday in my last post). If you would like to read here post about her quitting your job, click here: https://livingoneadventureatatime.wordpress.com/2017/06/01/quit-job-check/

After dinner the night was lazy and we came home, relaxed, and of course later went to sleep. Today was only a relatively interesting day, but for me it was all that I really needed after the non-stop action since (and before) the trip started!

Hiking in Idaho

This morning was started with a nice gourmet breakfast from eggs and a whole lot of free time to relax. We didn’t have any big plans for today until noon, and at was fine by me. We had been doing s lot of stuff lately that was exciting, but it can be a short bit tiring if you are doing it for too long. Today and yesterday were not boring days, but half of them were chill which is something I’m happy about.

On that note, however, I will say that today’s adventure was a little more exciting than yesterday’s, in a different way. Yesterday there was not a whole bunch of adventure, it was more of a day full of experiences, such as becoming a billionaire and seeing the memorials customely created (if you guys have not read that post and you would like to, here’s the link: https://crosscountrylifeblog.com/2017/06/25/snake-river-idaho/). But anyway, the first thing we did was drive down there. Nobody had told me where we were going, and I didn’t know it would be the daily adventure, but it was! Getting there, you needed to look through the gift shop and find the way outside (not before getting free fudge samples, of course)

We were a little bit disappointed at first when we saw that we had paid around $90 to get into a petting zoo (or st least I was), but it was actually more than that. It wasn’t really a petting zoo, it was a lot more of the zoo itself but the animals weren’t in their cages. The best part was the small cubs playing by the enterence. They would play King of the shill and I would watch them for s very long time do what they were doing. A lot more happened than that, but it wasn’t very interesting so I decided to leave it out in curticy to you guys (my readers) because I know that you guys probably don’t have a whole lot of time to spare. The real action started when we were about to leave the park. We took our own car and used it as a safari. Apparently the cool part of the park was wasn’t even the zoo part! This time when we were in the car, the animals weren’t I. Their cages. There was HUGE elk there!

Their natural habitats were simulated all around the whole few miles hat the safari grounds covered. When we were moving we saw amazing deer there, but when we were on the path in our car later on something happened. One of the big elk that was in the park was seriously pissed off. He walked back a little bit and then… ran towards us. He charged and you could see how much force he was generating. Once he was just a few inches away, however, he stopped. He was surprised that we were still going 5 miles an hour. Actually, we were too. Our father was out of his mind (or so we thought st the moment). He didn’t go any faster! While we were yelling GO! He was still going the same spend. The thing was getting ready to charge. And then the same thing happened, except this time we went s little faster and drove the car out. What a scary moment it was!

Well, that wasn’t the end. This time we were driving in our car through the bear section. After what just happened, we were really stressed out. We were going and it was all fine, but en one of the bears walked in front of our car… uh oh! He looked right st us, and then… well, he walked away. But instead of crossing the road, he went right through it! Maybe he was leading the way, maybe he was bored, but it doesn’t matter, it was hilarious. We saw their den and passed it, and told one of the guards about the elk that was angry. He said its name was probably Chalktah and that it was a first time mother that was really protective. 

After we left he park, we drove for about another hour or so and then and got out at a place near the Great Teton mountain range. It was a short hike, so we bought a pass for it and started shortly after. We saw a cool building there that had skulls and furs of all the animals that lived there, and it was really cool seeing everything it had to offer there. When we started the hike, we were completely amazed. I mean literally MINDBLOWN by the beauty over there. We walked down some perfectly made wooden steps that showed over a view of a thirty-story waterfall and large hundred-story mountains. The hike was normally supposed to be 5 minutes long but of course it took at least 50. After taking hundreds of georgous photos, we drove back home to relax for the rest of the day.

To end the adventure that we had, we created a fire and burned our school clothes to show a sign of rebellion. I’m just kidding, we actually did burn them to show that school is officially out for not just one summer, but at least 3’s worth. Wow, want an adventure!