Snake River, Idaho



The first thing that I did in the morning was log into my blog and respond to the comments that everyone has sent me, and the questions as well. I spent a while talking to some of my true followers, but a lot of my time before the afternoon I didn’t do very much. I did, however, end up going to the store located in the center of the campground. I still needed to go to the real store for actual groceries for tonight’s dinner, but this one was shopping for me. I didn’t end up buying anything because although I have a lot of money saved up, we will be gone for a long time as well.

When the day actually started outside of my blog (I like my blog but it’s not everything of course) was when we made an attempt to go to the store. The drive there would have been about 10 minutes, but it ACTUALLY took around 4 hours to get there, and i’m glad it did. We took a wrong turn, or more accurately didn’t turn in the first place, and that took us down the wrong road. There were a lot of Silos and tall towers that were obviously build for industry, and machines that were dropping brown little things into them… Wait, they were Potatoes! The name of the company on the main concealed building said IDAHOAN, and they were obviously a potato farming company. We decided to check them out and see if they had tours. We walked into the building and there was a Key Code needed to bypass the door. Obviously, this was a manufacturing building and it did not offer tours. We walked back outside and walked toward the large buildings there.

We saw a man in an orange Vest coming towards the parking lot of the Industry, and we decided to talk to him. The conversation was long, but it ended up interesting. The man’s dad had apparently been in the Air force when JFK was assassinated, and he flew one of the huge B-52 bombers. A strategy in was that has been around for a long time is to attack the leader and then wipe out the rest of the country while they were confused. To be safe, america evacuated their planes and boats from possible attacks and readied defenses so the enemy (not a powerful country, just an angry man with a Sniper rifle). But during that time, those extremely large B-52 bombers all ran up the runway one at a time in whatever clothes (or no clothes) that they were in with such a hurry that they left immediately for safety. Nothing happened, but they were up there for days until it was safe and attack was less possible to happen. Anyway, we liked hearing what he said but he wanted to go home and we wanted to continue our day as well. I just wanted to share that, sorry for getting a little bit off track.

Anyway, as you see in the Photos that I used for the cover photo of this post, we did go to Snake river, but not before getting side-tracked once again. We went to the center of the town, and that’s actually how we found it. While wandering we saw a lot of cool things, like a gamer shop (all board games, not PS4 or Xbox kind of games like most people these days would have thought when I said that), and I also became a billionaire. That’s actually not a a joke. Seriously. You see, the catch is that I am a billionaire in another country. For just a little bit of money I bought a 5 BILLION dollar bill for INFINITY COINS (the name of the shop). The story is that the one country that it belongs to, Zimbabwe, was in a whole lot of debt. If you want to see the long story, here is the link to get it from an expert, but the way I know the story, they wanted to pay off that debt so they printed more money. And more. And a lot more. They fell into a crippling derpression, and you would need around 200 Trillion dollars to buy *Drum roll* A loaf of bread. That country has a net worth of about 400 dollars. Yeah, that is a SERIOUSLY poor country!

After that was when we went to the River. I was going to see it all along, but my family and I had seen a lot more than we expected to see that day! As you can see, it was such a huge river but it was also a very amazing river the way that the water flowed down the sides (a simply amazing view). We walked around and saw a cool site that lets people remember 4 of america’s worst wars. There were murals on the short 3 foot walls on the sides of the memorial, and they all had the tags of what the wars were from: First, WW I, next WW II, Korean, and then Vietnam. To end the memorial was a real Howtizer that was actually taken from the war (See the top left section).

We went home and decided to end the night by renting a movie, and that’s how we enjoyed the rest of our night. Thanks for reading everyone!

Rafting the Rapids

Just saying, before the post begins, today was a crazy day! We woke up fairly early today, but at a reasonable time. It was probably around 8:00 in the morning, which is a good time to wake up and be able to relax for a little bit before the day. About an after that I took s walk with my brother and my dad down to the store and we looked around. I got a map of the park (the park was Lagoon, for those that have not seen my last post) for my souvenir, but my brother got a box of pringles. We came back and got ready to start getting on the road. We got packed up fairly quickly, and we were on the traveling once again in no time. The road was boring for around the first hour or so, but the excitement was all after that for the rest of the day. 

The first cool thing we had seen on the ride was The Great Salt Lake. It was a lot bigger than I had thought, covering an extreme 17500 CUBIC MILES. Wow! We didn’t get to actually go to it, just see it, but I do kind of wish we had. Apparently you can float on top of of the water because of all of the salt in it. It’s all right though, because we found cooler things to do later on. The next interesting thing we saw was the sign saying “Welcome to Idaho”. We took a little break to get out and take pictures just for fun. On the way to our original destination, Snake Lake, we saw a cool water park on the side. With our camper, we can’t take real sharp turns or we may get stuck. We didn’t know if there were any roads that we could U-turn and get out, so we hesitated going in. 

We used google maps and found another road that we could use to get out, and we went to check it out. We ended up not even doing the water ride in the first place. We saw people white water rafting, and others having barbecues and all sorts of things going on. The name of the town was Lava Hot Springs, and apparently they were world famous for what they had to offer. We checked out their hot springs, and they were really well done. We didn’t didn’t want to buy a pass to get in because it was expensive and we wouldn’t be there for long (later we found out that statement was relatively FALSE). Instead we walked around  and saw so many places that had inner tubes. We had seen people using them in the way in, and they were all having fun, so we decided to rent a four seater out. 

We got our Lake shoes from the camper and our dad got the Go Pro. We walked over to the place to pick it up and the woman there held our bag for us. We walked up the hill and waded down into the river. It was very fun, and we moved around d a LOT. We got wet from the dips in the water and laughed about it while we were turning and spinnig the tube around in different directions, trying not to be the one facing backwards. We went to do it again since we had so much fun we met up with some people on the way, and got onto a truck to get carried back to the beginning. The truck had a trailer behind it that was complete with a loading carrier for the tubes and some cool benches nailed down in the front for us to sit on. We met some people on the way over that we’re really nice.

This part right here, I thank so much for his feedback, saying that we should always go with someone else on a new hike that had already done it before: the nice man we were with told us that the river levels were actually rated, like movie style. He said the one that we did was PG. we got s little too daring and decided to go too far to the next level. We skipped past PG, past PG-13, and went directly to R. We went with the same people along with them, and we followed closely behind. There were two large drops in the R section, and the. It would lead to the lesser large drops in the PG-13 section, and then back to the little fun part of PG. The people said before we did it to stay to the left of the river, because the right was a sheer deop that was REALLY far. The one on the left was only 5 feet (“only” was sarcastic). We went behind them, and my dad was the one that went backwards. 

He was leaning back and he weighs a lot more than us, so he pushed the raft under the water and sucked it under. The raft shot upward into the air and came down upside-down, and I started to inhale water when I was stuck under the the raft. I scraped my legs on the rocks as I grabbed on, readying for the next part. I found a way to get out of there and came up to the raft. My dad had apparently went all the way down and hit the bottom of the rocks. My dads life vest was used as a trampoline for my mother, who fell off of the other end, right on top of him. We all got up to the bank of the river and flipped the raft back over. We did realize that he lost his new Go Pro… whoever finds that and plugs it into their computer, they will be in for a surprise when they upload THOSE files on! But hey, We’re we done yet? (Surprisingly) NO! We went over the other one. This is where I thank so much for helping us with his tip. The people we went with saw the entire thing, and helped us on the next R level part. They went down first, and then we went down and hit the rocks again. After that, the ride was a lot better except for the trees smacking us in the face as we drifted under them, but once we were done, we were so happy we did it. We just did not want to do it again! We left with the experiences in our heads and the pictures on our phones, headed for our original destination: Snake Lake!

A day at Lagoon

Last night we stopped half way to Salt Lake City to sleep. We pulled over in and set up camp and then slept. When we woke up today, we drove up the rest of the way to Salt Lake at 7:00 in the morning! We got to the Lagoon campground around 9:00 in the same Time Zone. We pulled our camper through two other campgrounds at a large angle before settling in and setting up at our spot. When I walked into the camper I saw everything all across the floor and my little brother pulling stuff out of the drawers in my bedroom. I asked what the crap he was DOING and he said that “mom said to do it”. Believe it or not, she actually did. The full story was that she wanted to take everything down (NEATLY) so that she could re-organize it. I made my bed and we got ready to go. If any of you guys have ever been to the Lagoon campground in Salt Lake City, you would know that the campgopround is conveniently placed right next to the park itself!
The entrance to the park was very interesting, and we saw carts rolling on their tracks speeding st very high speeds just above our heads! Additionally, we were very excited when we stepped in after getting our passes checked and saw all the OTHER amazing rides that there to offer! We immediately went and looked around. Almost all of the rides that Aidan wanted to do with me were all spinner rides that made my head hurt, so I told him we should just do some different rides with me. The other ones were all about Adrenaline cause they would literally go a hundred feet into the air and go right back down! 

One of them, the first of the Adrennaline rushers was called Rat Trap and it would go the the edge of a cliff and at the last minute turn off the edge. I didn’t really like it. The one that I did really like was the Wooden Roller coaster. I must have went on that one 6 times! I did some of the most extreme rides in the park. While my dad was st home and my mom was still here they switched so the other could lay down. My dad came and that was when we did some of the Water rides. The first one that we did was called a cliffhanger and streams of water shot from the ground at you while you were being pulled backwards away from the ground upside down. 

That was the only water ride we went on, but we DID go to the Lagoon water park section and went on the best water slides. We went on one tube-slide and two body-slides and then went to race in the lazy river. After that we went home (our camper) for our first dinner on the adventure! Our mom stayed because she wanted to clean the trailer and not do any of the crazy rides… that left US to do them! The first one to do after we changed and got to the park was the Rocket. It’s hard to believe that the ride is actually legal because there are so many ways that you could accidentally die on that one! Seriously!

Yeah, and we did it 4 times… but anyway, it goes in a loop up and at the top speeds you down and turns so you break the next of the person behind you. By the way the other part that should be illegal is that there are two people in a cart. I mean not with their own seats, it’s just s little seat that you need spot share. What the crap! Anyway we did that and a couple of more rides (of course I have not mentioned ALL of the rides or details of today because that would almost literally take forever).

The other ride that Aidan wanted to do was spider. So I tried it. Apparently it will go spinning around in huge circles while doing the course. It also started with a huge drop st the beginning and s suddenly stop st the end. Once the ride was done, I decided that I would do it again. This time, we went backwards… twice. It was also 4 times worse.

The ride that finished the night was called COLOSSUS. it was such a perfect way to end the day! It would literally take you as high as CANNIBAL (which we werent THAT stupid to mentally kill ourselves doing) and plummet you strait down to s foot or two above the ground and shoot out onto an upside-down loop and then another loop. It would shoot you at high speeds through the other parts of the course but THAT was the most exciting.

Back on Track?

After the trip began, things started to go extremely bad… We went to go to a place on the way of our next destination, and stopped to eat. I had a regular burrito which I didn’t finish (it wasn’t really that good). My dad was not eating with us, and he had told us he’d be there in just a minute…When he came back, he told us that there was a big issue with the outdoor kitchen. Ugh! We had to drive all the way back from where we were, and then we kept going… in the wrong direction. About 45 minutes later, we were finally at the mechanic. Apparently there was a different issue with the front of the car.

The mechanic went to take a look at it while we were angry that it was getting later and later and all these issues were popping up! The first lucky part about this was that apparently the other issue that happened earlier with the exploding pipe today was connected with THIS one. There was a long explanation but I guess it doesn’t matter because it was all right. But now we had the problem with the outdoor kitchen! We drove another half hour in a different direction (again, not the right one) to get to another shop. Long story short, the company that we used gave us a Warranty. The bad news was that we were going to stay the night. We were not going to start the trip for at least another day. Crap!

So fortunately, the day wasn’t over yet! We got the people to fix it past their hours, and we drove down to the nearest Walmart and got them a few 6-packs of beer to thank them, as a tip. It took a long time but we had finally gotten back! We had always gotten to travel to exotic places, such as Hawaii about a year ago and London when I was very young. None of it is the same, not meaning better, not meaning worse, but it’s all different starting s new experience. The nature was insane on the way over. There were large flocks of birds and the sun actually set more than twice since the mountains and valleys were so close to each other. Sadly, there is a fire in BrianHead, Utah that we have needed to drive by to get to our destination, Salt Lake. You need to feel bad for all of those lost homes and the brave firemen out there risking their lives everyday. For all of you in the Police force, the Army, and all of the firemen, I solute you guys. Hats off for all of you guys that risk your lives in different ways every day for your country (I am not just talking about America). Anyway, the fire made us all feel bad but it looked amazing. It actually looked like a regular fire at the base, except it was at least a mile and half tall. After that there was a very solid half mile or elegant white portion with red flakes everywhere. Everything around us showed us that it was all worth the trouble, even for just one day on the road. Now, make that 7 months please! 😁

The Adventure has Begun!

I can not even share my excitement! For everyone that has been supporting me until this moment, thank you so much. If you are new to my blog, this is when it will get exciting. The BETA stage of my blog is over. At 12:09 (Mountain Time) our departure time, this blog has now changed to the ALPHA stage. From now on, this is how my blog is going to work:

-All of my journey will be blogged.

-Car rides will not be written much about; just the exciting stuff.

-I am now a full- time blogger.

There is so much more than this, I just wanted to show the giant parts of the trip that might affect everyone most. Wow, I can’t even BELIEVE how crazy the beginning of today went! The day started at 6:00… not! It took a long time but once the camper was finished, all of e stress was relieved ( it took so long to pack up and get everything needed out of the house and where it needed to be). Eventually, we  got on the road after saying goodbyes to friends online and they wouldn’t stop saying they were so happy for us! A little after the drive started, however… something in the hood of the car went BANG! We slowed down and stopped on the side of the road, and found out that a pipe that had been broken before had fully broke off. Very luckily, it was very clean and it was only broke at 2 locations, so it could be easily fixed. After that we got back on the road again! With an amazing amount of scenery everywhere, it wasn’t hard to get comfortable!

One day left

There is only ONE day left, and that is today. Tomorrow, we will be on the trip!  I hope that alll of you have enjoyed this countdown, I have used it to grow myg blog and encourage the readers that I do have to stay and check out when my life gets REALLY interesting in the next few months. Thank you so much everyone that has stayed here this far, and an even bigger thank you for the two bloggers that have been following me since almost the beginning of my blog, (Rod Whitlock and But anyway, to conclude the last of my countdown, here are the stats:

24 Hours

1,440 Minutes

Or 86,400 Seconds!

Starting off the morning was lazy. Of course, being the last day we live here, that will not last. For very long st all… We started by showing thanks to the renters by cleaning the house up, and then eventually started getting out things to put into the camper. A quick little blog update that I’d like to throw in is that I just smashed my record for likes in one day today, as well as my views in one day thanks to all of you guys. Anyway, our dad left us again at the house to go and get some stuff from the Hardware store and when he came back we got to work again, moving all of our stuff into the camper.

Two Days Left

Two days. Everything is folding together, the trip is all planned. Now its only time to pack the camper up because its pretty much about time to go. In the comparison of time in our mind, a day is worth a lot less time than it would have been comparing it to any other day of any other summer in our lives. My personal countdown estimates that the time until the big day is:

48 Hours

2,880 Minutes

Or 172,800 Seconds

I was woken up at 8:00… in the MORNING from my little brother. I pretended I was asleep and hoped he would go a way but he was there trying to get me up for another 10 minutes until he got bored and went to knock on the knobs of the door to get me up. I finally got up and we had a short argument but it was all good after a while. I played online with him and our cousin joined to say HELLO and he ended up playing for 2 hours with us because we were having so much fun.

We went downstairs until our parents came back home at different times, our dad first but my mother had stopped to pick up Bagels for all of us to eat. A little while after that, my little brother and I biked down to the nearby Lins and bought some drinks and chips for us to eat. We biked back and our dad left to go get the camper, which we had recently dropped off at the repair crew on the other side of town to see if there was anything wrong with it.

I forgot to mention that we own a fire truck. We have not seen it in a while, but yes, we do own a fire truck. We left it down in Las Vegas, so my dad went down there to get it and move it somewhere else. While he was driving out there we got in the trailer and did everything we needed to do in order to get ready for the trip that will be coming up in (let me tell you again…) TWO DAYS!