Hey, my name is Logan McCorvey and I’m 13 years old. My family and I are going on a trip of a lifetime around Two of the biggest countries, America and Canada. I will be visiting large cities and the landmarks in them, as long as small towns that have a lot of history in them. During this 6 month period, I will be blogging about myself, my family, and all of you guys that want to tag along on my journey weather for information or just to read my posts.

On every post, I will make sure to include all of that good stuff. In the same post. I don’t care weather you are in a different country or my own, I’m blogging for everyone that wants to read my blog. Some of the biggest places I will visit include:

-Washington DC (America)

-Mount Rushmore (America) (on my birthday, too)

-Toronto (Canada)

-New York New York

-Most of the 48 inland states and Canadian provinces

-Chicago Illinois

I would love if you could go and check out some of my other family members that will be with me on this trip, so you can get some different experiences from others doing the same thing:



Aidan McCorvey



Jennifer McCorvey