Hey, my name is Logan McCorvey and I am going on an adventure that is a once in a lifetime experience. I will be traveling across the United States, dedicating my blog to the entire 6-month adventure I am currently experiencing. Over time as the journey unfolds, stay followed (zip you do have a WordPress account) or just check on me once in a while to get not only a story but a real world of experiences that are unique and unheard of… until till now! My blog has been around since March of 2017 but it really took off when I started my countdown and it went up from there. Some of the place I will be seeing (and possibly already HAVE seen are:

-Washington DC

-Mount Rushmore (Birthday)

-New York New York

-Most of the 48 inland states

-Chicago Illinois

-Niagra Falls

Feel free to read some of my posts, I really do try and entertain the readers, not by changing any of my adventure but adding kick to it. If you would like to read some of my recent posts come to my home page to get started (CLICK HERE)




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